Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Days when I was an Alter Boy

13 January 22:35
Scripture: John 1:35-42

Samuel reminds me the days when i was an alter boy in our local church, Fr. Angelo Fatacci was my Eli by then! The only difference is that i never slept in the church and God never called me literally like Samuel but i knew the voice of Fr. Angelo!

From this scripture God wants us to be ever ready when called. In the gospel Jesus invites each one of us to "come and see" for ourselves that his word is true and everlasting. "Come and see" is God's invitation for fellowship and communion with the One who made us in love for love. St. Augustine of Hippo tells us something very important about God and how he relates to us:
“If you hadn’t been called by God, what could you have done to turn back? Didn’t the very One who called you when you were opposed to Him make it possible for you to turn back?”
It is God who initiates and who draws us to Himself. Without his grace, mercy, and help we could not find him.

Imagine what happens when you discover something new and very important in your life, it's natural to want to share it with those closest to us. The same happens to this guys when they saw Jesus. they went back and proclaimed the good news that they have seen the messiah. The Holy Spirit works in us miraculously. He gives us the gift of faith to know Jesus personally, power to live the gospel faithfully, and courage to witness to others the joy and truth of the gospel. The Lord Jesus is ever ready to draw us near to himself.

Do you seek to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ? Let us pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to fill us with the power of his Holy Spirit and let us grow in the knowledge of his love and truth.
To the Lord Jesus I pray

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  1. I too was an altar boy in UK to a wonderful priest and I took for granted in those days that your parish priest would be there all your life but then my family moved to a different location in UK and we left him.